I had the chance in my busy schedule to attend Adultcon here in Los Angeles. I saw quite the crowd…including Ron Jeremy. Every time I see him I wanna laugh; he’s a funny guy! But he’s a cool guy as well. Of course I had pictures of me taken (not only by Ben, but by other folks at the convention), but I’ll have to blog them later; I’m posting this from an iPhone! So for now, here is one camera phone pic. Peace!

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  1. gorgeous!!

  2. amazingly gorgeous so beautiful !!!!

  3. You are beautifull!!!!! My name is Ivan, and I Living in Russia (Kastroma – city). I want to meet with you, but I know this unreal! My E-mail – sir.berlin2010@yandex.ru, 22 age.

  4. Hi..Robbie.from the Netherlands..as one of Hollands most progressive and most liberal citizinzzz,,,i have to say…’you are gorgeous and so damn sexy on this picture.i love the casual look and your prettie smile,Victoria.Wish i couldt play a role …..[as so many fans will…]…stay sexy,dear……the Netherlands love you…….big kizzz on your prettie and cute face…..tnx for the fun you gave us.xxx

  5. show me the sun and ask me why
    show me the star that blink in your eyes
    show me the way of love you
    show me the way to dream you

  6. hey iam bruno iam 22 year old iam a college student i like u very much iam not so rich i have no money to spend with u but i like u very much…….

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