A short post this time. First, I want to show off my calendar for July, featuring one of the pictures from my Army Babe set. Clicking on the picture will give you one sized 1620×2212, which is perfect for printing out.

*Sorry everyone; I removed the calendar so it can be redone…stay tuned! xoxo*

Second is a sample from my latest set…fixed up a bit. I thought this would make a great poster, so I had my friend William (thanks babe xoxo) put a Chargers logo on it and reposition my watermark. Personally I think this would make a great poster; clicking on the picture will give you one sized 1074×1356…again perfect for printing out. What do you all think? I’m pretty sure Chargers fans love it! Hmmm…come to think about it, maybe I’ll ask William to make another one for me!

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  1. Beautiful Miss Vickie, I loved you as the hooters girl. You are so Hot! Just to spend a little
    time with such an incredible Lovely LADY, who has a smoking love pole to boot. The best of
    both worlds.

  2. ciao Vittori voglio incontrarti mandami qualche tua foto col tuo giocettolo bello duro ,, a oresto… Kissssss

  3. I love you

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