Many of you have noticed that my site has not been updated in quite awhile. This is because of two things. First, my photographer Nick was on vacation and out of the country; with all of the work he has been putting in on my site and the sites of the rest of the SMC girls, he deserved it. Second, I just wanted to take a break from things for a minute…just to gather my thoughts and to brainstorm what to do next on my site. Well, this past Saturday I had a photoshoot where some of my ideas were implemented.

my site in the members’ area. For now, check out the pictures below.

Ben even shot a couple of short clips; so far I’ve asked him to upload only one of them. It’s of me showing off in my Hooters outfit!

So there you have it. Not only do you get to see some behind-the-scenes pictures of me in action, but you also get a preview of some of the upcoming sets. I SAID I had some nice things coming…and I’m just getting started!


That’s right! The really popular and beautiful Bailey Jay is now apart of the SMC family! She has always had a huge fan base, and many of them were wondering if she would ever come out with her own site. Well, the wait is over; her site has launched, and you’ll be able to see her in all of her glory! Click here to check her site out for yourselves! is generic viagra available in the united states

I'd like to welcome Bailey Jay to the SMC family!  I'm happy to have such a beautiful gal on my team! cost of cialis

I’d like to welcome Bailey Jay to the SMC family! I’m happy to have such a beautiful gal on my team! cialis 20mg 12 st

viagra 75

As a bonus, I’m including a couple of sample galleries of her. You can see more pictures from the above set here, as well as some sample video clips by clicking here. I hope I get a chance to work with her; I’m sure many of you would LOVE to see that!

It’s the beginning of a new month as well. The weather is heating up, and more clothes (than normal *wink*) will be coming off. To help my fans get through the month without any problems, I’m providing yet another calendar. Sorry I’m posting this so late; the fan who usually makes them for me (I’ll call him Mike) has been really busy lately, so I got my friend Ben to do it for me…and I like the results! Thanks, baby!

The version pictured above is sized 500×919 pixels. Clicking on it will yield you one with a size of 958×1761; this one is perfect for printing out (and I hope you all do that!).
I’m going to be doing some more shoots this month, so stay tuned. I’ll have some REALLY interesting content coming up for all of my fans! how much cialis cost


I get hardcore

One thing a lot of my fans wanted to see was more hardcore scenes. Well, with my latest two updates I give you just that. Below is a sample picture of me and Tom Moore; going by my choice in picture, you can guess he really laid it on me.

In the previous update, the video from my set in French class was posted. Frenchy and I really go after each other in this video; you can see a sample of it here.

As you can see, I do listen to suggestions from my fans…and I have a loy more in store. Kisses from Victoria! xoxo


Morgan Bailey is a really cool gal. I hadn’t seen her in quite awhile, but I remember that she was very chill and down to earth. You can only imagine my surprise when I saw her show up to the studio! I knew this would be a fun set to shoot, and we did enjoy our time together. As you can see, Tom Moore joined in and enjoyed himself as well! So check out our latest update; I hope we work together in the near future…all three of us! And don’t forget to check out and join Morgan’s site as well!

While you’re at it, check out some of Morgan’s sample galleries. As you can see, she has a lot to offer!

Now as you all know, my last update had me in the purple and gold bikini. Obviously, I’m rooting for the Lakers this season…and the picture below takes my support even further! This is for all of the Lakers fans out there; you know who you are! The picture below is sized 500×625 pixels; you can right-click on it to copy it. If you click on it, you’ll get the same picture sized 1024×1280…perfect for showing off to all of the other Lakers fans! Get your copy now, and GO LAKERS!!


I’m a Lakers’ fan. To show my support for my favorite basketball team, I decided to wear a bikini in the team’s colors. I think the pictures came out pretty damn nice; I hope you all feel the same way about them.

Last night (May 7th) I went to see Iron Man II. The movie was up to my expectations. I love Robert Downey, Jr. in this film. As I said on my Twitter, I give it two thumbs up!! Below is a picture of me taken after seeing the movie.

Stay tuned to my blog and my site for more great updates and exclusive content. Kisses from Victoria! xoxo


For some reason, my bosses wanted me to return to school to learn some French. Not only that, but the instructor who was supposed to teach me was recently with Foxxy and me! Maybe it was his idea to get a little one-on-one time with me. I kinda figured he’d try something, so he wound up getting it in the end…literally!

Speaking of Foxxy and me, my friend Ben decided to make a calendar for the month of May featuring us together. He did it a different way, but am impressed with the results. It is unique, and will stand out when you print it out. Right click the version shown below for one sized 500×800 pixels; clicking on it will yield you one slightly larger at 902×1443 pixels, making it great for printing out. I hope you all like and enjoy it!

After looking over this calendar a lot more closely, I’m in awe. I think I need to learn Photoshop so I can do something like this some day. Maybe my bosses should have sent me to school for this instead of the french lesson! (Just kidding! LOL) Kisses from Victoria! xoxo


…in a nice way, and a naughty way.

First, the naughty. As stated before, I’ve been really busy this month with shooting content for the site. I have a lot of beautiful outfits I want to show everyone, and this is the time for me to show them off. I shot a scene in a pretty red outfit with my friend Frenchy; let’s just say something was hanging out that needed to be taken care of. Members can see what I mean!

Now for the nice. I was out and about shopping for more costumes with Ben when I told him to snap some pictures of me for the blog. We got one of me with one of the Hooters girls up in Burbank, while the other two (taken with his iPhone) was at TGI Friday’s in the South Bay (any yes, the food was REALLY good!). I like having everyone see how I am in everyday life…and as you can all see, I’m still a pretty hot chick! Needless to say, I picked up even more outfits that will debut on my site in the near future…so as usual, stay tuned!

I hope you enjoy my latest update, as well as these few pictures of me in everyday life. I try my best to please my fans, and I thank you all for your support. Kisses from Victoria! xoxo